Are Polls Accurate?

It was brought to my attention that the Virginian-Pilot, second largest newspaper in the state  put up a poll of reader opinion a few days ago when the news of my testing methods first hit the fan.

The question:

Do you think a local AIDS activist should offer young people free HIV tests on the street?

So now we are voting on public HIV testing… hmm. I can live with that because all publicity is essentially good for our educational mission.  It actually seems pretty balanced (i always distrust polls that are lopsided with 90-10%  breakdowns.

As of tonight…


52% (246 votes)



44% (210 votes)


Not sure

3% (16 votes)


Total votes: 472

Disclaimer: This is an unscientific sampling of users.


Check it out for yourself and feel free to vote and add your own comments:

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We are an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization distributing information about AIDS to teens locally, nationally, and internationally.