Atoll Academy: Ultimate Social Media Experiment – Suggestions

Jazz & JohnIf you have ideas to help make the experimental Atoll Academy a success, Dr. John would like to hear from you. We are now reaching out to businesses, private citizens, tech firms, universities and alternative energy companies for their ideas and possible donations of equipment.

Dr. John lived on three remote coral atolls when he was 25-27. He understands living conditions on an isolated tropical isle. But he’s looking for good advice. A ship visits the island every 3-6 months when he gets supplies shipped to him. TA-PC’s Atoll Academy tax-deductible donations go into to the Bank of Guam that has branch banks in some major outer islands a couple of hundred miles away. An agent makes purchases and forward goods and equipment for the school and the students.

Information is needed on these topics:

  • Portable solar energy panels
  • Portable wind energy units
  • Laptops, tablets (including hand-cranked units)
  • Handheld video cameras
  • Whiteboard, markers, notepads
  • Plastic shelving (lightweight but strong)
  • Lighting for school and flashlights
  • Portable tables and chairs
  • Bedding and mattress suitable for tropical environment
  • CPAP machine hookups (power) & long life battery
  • Portable desalination unit
  • Tree house on palm trees
  • Large mosquito net tents with ant-proof liner
  • Fishing nets/hooks
  • Food containers to keep out insects
  • Small refrigeration for insulin & medicines
  • First aid equipment
  • Vitamins (C & scurvy), etc.
  • Tropical. topical skin treatments, sunblock
  • Rainwater shower
  • Rainwater holding tank and filtration system
  • Water purification
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof/submersible cases for equipment in flooding & from rain storms
  • Prayers in case of tsunamis & typhoons L

Any other ideas? If so, please fill out the form below.

Special Note: Dr. John would like to get a Yellow Lab service dog to accompany him. In the past, he has had two wonderful male Labs. He is looking for a possible trained “diabetes service” dog. Dr. John’s best exercise to maintain his health is swimming in the lagoon and Labs love water. He would like ideas on breeders, trainers, and care without a veterinarian available, including any ideas to keep the dog’s skin free of too much salt water.  While Dr. John supports adopting pets, he needs a service dog that is trained to help him as he gets older and less mobile.

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