Ultimate Social Media Experiment in Long Distance Learning from Earth’s Most Remote Location Curricula

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Ultimate Social Media Experiment in Long Distance Learning for Teens

Dr. John B. Chittick, Harvard University, Ed.D., Ed.M., MIT, M.Sc., Dartmouth, B.A.

A former Harvard lecturer, Dr. Chittick’s expertise working with young people of the world stretches over four decades at every learning level. Teaching is geared to each student’s abilities. Information will be easily understandable. The goal is to preserve cultural heritage; be proficient in English; master academic skills; prepare and secure scholarships for overseas colleges and exchange programs; and use the knowledge to help lead their island nation in the future. Students will learn during part of the day while doing their work for community and families. Dr. Chittick uses the Socratic Method.

Students take 14 subjects (plus one major individual project). They will build a website that promotes their lives and accomplishments; prepares their overseas applications for scholarship requests using laptops and internet; and promotes their cultural heritage. This ultimate experiment in long distance learning succeeds when youths anywhere can communicate with peers everywhere.

Every student will learn:

  • English speaking and writing (ESL)
  • Recording Atoll Histories (Written and Oral)
  • Social Media, utilizing the Internet (Website)

The Great Oceans/Oceania

  • Engine of Life
  • Climate Change, Rising Oceans
  • Impact of Decreasing Resources and Migration due to Global Warming
  • Political Influences and Solutions

The World in 2025

  • Review of World Affairs from 1945
  • Future Trends
  • Political/Demographic Impact on Micronesia
  • Impact of Social Media in Pacific

Self-Sustaining Energy

  • Wind, Water, Solar and Desalination
  • Alternative Energy for Islands
  • Internet Accessibility

Health and Family

  • Societal Costs
  • Family Planning
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pregnancy, Birth Issues
  • First Aid

Investigating Pacific-Rim Colleges

  • Overview of two year and four year colleges
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Applications and Scholarship

Business Management and Innovation

  • Basic Accounting and business
  • Business and International Law
  • Social Media and the Internet

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