Get Informed

Please tell your friends to get tested!

No cure or vaccine currently exists to prevent AIDS. Only a HIV test can tell for sure. We encourage oral swab testing among friends.

• It is your human right to have access to the medically accurate facts.

• HIV is a deadly virus that passes in blood and some bodily fluids
from one partner to another. Sex and the sharing of needles (for drugs, piercings, or tattoos) are the main causes. Kissing, touching and hugging are safe sex. Birth control does not prevent HIV.

• Adolescence is the period when sexual experimentation is normal but puts teens at risk. It’s a fact that no sex = no HIV/STIs. It is safer to postpone sex and then with one partner (risk increases with more partners).

• When a teen chooses to have sexual intercourse, a condom is always necessary. Nothing is 100% guaranteed but using one every time works.

The ABCs of HIV/AIDS Prevention

A = Abstinence (Postponement of early sex)

Simply put: No Sex = No AIDS. Possibly against parents’ wishes, a majority of teenagers are choosing to have their first sexual encounters between 15 and 18. Abstinence is the option I prefer to stress, as it gives time for maturing youth to grow and make wiser choices, and medical evidence suggests abstinence is healthier on many levels.

B = Be Faithful, such as monogamy

Youth who choose to have sex should realize that being faithful with one partner is safer than being promiscuous with different ones. When people have sex, they are being exposed to their lovers’ past sexual partners. However, not everyone knows if they have been exposed to HIV or AIDS.

C = Condoms, or other protection

Condoms are not 100% perfect, but they are are a medical device offering prophylaxis against many sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS. Used properly every time, the incidence of HIV transmission is greatly reduced. Unprotected sexual intercourse is never a safe or wise choice unless the couple is truly committed to monogamy. Condoms cannot prevent the transmission of every infection, and can break during use.


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We are an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization distributing information about AIDS to teens locally, nationally, and internationally.