Washington Testing

We are arriving for a day of history making in DC – the first public HIV testing in the nation’s capital on Thursday, June 13. A team of 10 of us are driving up early in the morning from southern Virginia. Our first appointment is on the steps of the Capitol Building with a respected U.S. Senator (and potential future Presidential candidate). Then it’s off to deliver a petition to the FDA regarding lowering the age of consent on the OTC (over the counter) sale of home HIV test kits from 17 to 15 (and ages lower by physician prescription). Finally off to the first demonstrations of our signature, first in the nation HIV testing of consenting youth 16 and older (they must show a driver’s license and sign a waiver and agree on video that they are giving permission because “they want to know their status” – and our free test is better than forking over $40 themselves at the drugstore. Stay tuned as we will announce where the innovative testing will be held in the afternoon, rain or shine. We will be positioned near a popular metro station. Psst, keep it secret like a flash mob. We don’t want the Westboro Baptist Church to show up because we don’t want to be blamed for the next natural disaster…

We are in the business of saving young lives from HIV!

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We are an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization distributing information about AIDS to teens locally, nationally, and internationally.