Emails from Youth to Dr. John





Dear John,

Am doing good. But this week I have five days exam. Anyway, I love to serve you first. Here are the answers from your question after I collected information from the teens.

1. Yes, we are hearing and reading news about HIV/AIDS among the teenAIDS and youth in our country.

What we heard are: Abstinence, Be faithful, Condom use… (No sex before get married and the way avoiding peer pressure) and do VCCT.>

 2. Suggestions the TeenAIDS and John should do.

Pls. continue to talk at least one friend about AIDS daily. Encourage each other to exchange ideas how is the best way for safe sex avoid contract HIV. John’s message is still impacted us “…you are shy, your friend will die” John, you should talk about some cultures not help the teens. For examples my Cambodian culture says pointed at the young girls are not good to be early aware or discuss about sexual relationship. This is my opinion I think it worked in the pass. But now this culture must break it up due to HIV occurred. The more they understand AIDS related to sex, the further they avoid catching, not fierce them. The Teen must set good examples if you call your selves the Peer Educator. Meant if you have sex you must use condom. This is our volunteer suggested.

What about my country should do: supported our one voice and think which culture is omitted and maintained. The Gov. should promote and protect female and promote the gender equality. Do not put female under male.

Global should share update news, strategy and support medias in fighting against HIV/AIDS to the developing countries. 

Vathadna Chhavelith


HOPE Cambodia volunteer Corps 

John, is it helping you? Miss you and hear from your feedback.

Happy New Year! Much love from all HOPE Cambodia volunteers Corps 

Dear Chhavelith, my best wishes to all of you doing excellent AIDS education in Phnon Phen.  A very special greeting to you and your new wife.  I wish I could have come to your wedding but we will meet in the future.  How is Sorn Soth doing?  Is he still  on the medicine and is he still a healthy weight?  Please tell him I send my best.  I remember him very well.  Also tell Nareach that I miss him but I love seeing the pictures of his wife and his son.  Does he call his son “John?”  I need your help.  In the attached letter that I am sending out to all Global Board Members, I would like you to answer 2 questions.  They don’t have to be long answers but I am going to compile all the answers and write a report that we will put on our new website.  Do you have any new pictures of the volunteers who are telling people about AIDS?  If you do, please send them to me by e-mail and I will make sure they are posted.  I’m very proud of our new website.  It has 23 languages and I hope some day we can add Khmer.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I had a wonderful Christmas with my mother who turns 91 today.  I just came back from working in Latin America where I worked with thousands of young people who want to know all about AIDS prevention.  I was injured in a robbery in Panama but I’m okay now (see website for news).  I know your New Year doesn’t come for 6 weeks or so but I wish you a happy year as you begin your new family.  You are an excellent man. 





Hello Dr. chittick, how have you been since you left Kenya  we are doing alright over here. thanks for your card that you send me when you were in Suriname  I am happy that you are still educating young people about HIV/AIDS. we are doing the same here in Kenya Please sent our warm greetings your friends where you go, and we promise you that will continue doing the same as you taught when we accompanied you in Kenya God Bless you. 

Bye!!{Mark your friend}



Hello! Dear Dgon. How are you? I hope, that you still remember me, my name Olga. Miss Posternak as you cold me. I want to thank you, that you visited our university, and that i had a chance to speak with you about the biggest problem of 20 century – AIDS. I still work with pupils about “NO AIDS” in our life”. I”ll do my best in my work, because I am sure that it helps. I wish you a good health and happiness.

With respact Olga Posternak.


Dear chittick,

 Thanks for your remembrance; I’m sorry we could not complete our talk when you were at kericho. Nevertheless am delighted that in spite of the fact that I could not communicate with you because of break down of communication you did manage to get to me through this lovely post card.

 Currently am self employed in a nearby shopping center, and I must say that I have learnt alot especially about the topic you covered in Kapkatungor- KERICHO. Concerning teens and HIV/AIDS, though most of the teens in the area are still ignorant about the this involved in a youth based organization (CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION) registered with the ministry of social services, where we go out and try to help sensitize, advocate and mobilize the youths against irresponsible sexual behaviours.

 i will write to you more about this because i know it’s an area of interest to you. i will also discuss thro’ next e mails on ways that we can co-operate with regards to the above.

Otherwise thanks again for communicating. Hope to hear from you

 N/B my mobile phone no. is +254-721767590


 Yours Benson



Dear John,

 How are you now? Are you still in Africa?

 I received your card with the picture which you in Africa. It’s good to hear from you and I’m appreciated that you still devote in AIDS work. Remember the first time I met you in Saigon, at that time, I am very young and shy to participate in your speech on AIDS at the park. Now, I worked for The Vietnam HIV/AIDS/STI Community Clinic Network project which run by British Columbia CDC Canada. I worked mainly in 3 Mekong provinces (Can Tho, Kien Giang and An Giang) and HCMC.

 Best regards,

 Pham Truong Son

Coordinator of peer education program



Dear Mr. Chittick,

Thank you very much for the postcard you sent me. According to the picture I think that you were in the East of Euro, were not you? Well, what a great thing you have been doing !! Wishing that you always fine so that you can contribute to the human.

Well, It is great if you can come to Viet Nam. Do you still keep in touch with some other friends in VN ? I have not met any person I knew through you!!!

My small family is fine. Well, time flier very quickly. Next year my daughter will joint to the fist class.

Maybe Mrs. Van also go to Japan to study in a couples of month. And me too, if I can not work well in VN.

Well, right now I am cooperating with a foreigner to do business in VN. I hope that it will be good. And there is a Thai man who want to invite me to visit his factory next month ( processing leather), then I can be trained to work for him if I like. You see good or not for me?

Hoping that next time I will have more things to tell you.

Well, I would like to stop here and see you next time.

Bye Bye and Take Care




Fourteen months ago You were in Nigeria and you did say that Nigeria was the 62nd country you had visited. Thanks a lot for teaching me how to help my friends avert the deadly scourge of HIV/AIDS.

I am no more in school. I graduated last year from If and late last year at the National Youth Service Corp ( a one year compulsory national service after obtaining university degree in Nigeria), I joined the UNICEF backed Adolescent health and HIV/AIDS reproductive health program for a comprehensive training on HIV prevention and management.

 Doctor Chittick, I really don’t feel like an engineer anymore. I feel more like a doctor with lots of vision to help my friends and friends friends avoid this deadly disease. Very soon, I look forward for more training anywhere in Europe and come back home to help my people.

 Thank you Dr. Chittick. Your coming down here is almost changing my vision. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice weekend.



Dear Sir,

             Thanks  for coming to Nigeria during your world AIDS awareness tour.I must confess to you that the contact I had with you while you were in Nigeria  in 2003 still remain fresh in my memory.Should it be you are wondering who I am. I am a friend in Nigeria who met you at Obafemi Awolowo University.

              I remember that when you came to Nigeria you talked about loosing a dear friend Malina Johnson through a painful circumstance just because of not being sensitive to the heartbeat of friends.I have come to understand that I will be loosing my friends/folks to serious case of drug addiction and possibly the dreaded sickness – AIDS – if I don’t act wise and fast.

              Please Sir, for this reason all I want from you is to link me with information and counselling tips from your desk and from passionate friends around you that will help me realised my dream of helping my friends leave a drug free life.

               I hope to hear from you soon,for I believe you will not want another friend to be lost to the cold hand of death at my end over here and make me more guilty.


A friend in need.

OSAJI Anthony U.  


UKRAINE (19 year old female, PeerCorps):

Hello, Dr. Chittick

I’m writing you a letter from far Kiev! Few days ago I had an honor to be present on your lecture, and your words inspired me so much, that i couldn’t stand not to write you this letter, and not to thank you. You told us, that we must help our friends especially if we know that our help can save them from possible future mistakes. And unfortunately i have such friend – he’s drug addict… no… not unfortunately. Well… to tell you the truth I’m his only friend… He shares with me all his personal problems… feelings and sufferings. I’ve never seen him in real life… I just know him for his letters. And all this time I was afraid to meet with him… because I had no idea how to behave. But now… I think i will find the all necessary words to show him that our life can be beautiful and wonderful without drugs.

Oh… almost forgot. My name is Olga… I’m from “Kiev institute of  interpreter”. You’ve visited us during your last day in Kiev. And I’m really-really want to help you!!!! I know… maybe I’m too little for serious missions (I’m only 18)… but I’m sure that somehow… but I can help!

I’m really sorry for my mistakes… I’m just learning.

So… I will be waiting for your instructions! I know that I can help!

Good bye and good luck to you Mr. Chittik                                             

With best regards,




My name is najib, i’m mustapha’s friend, he told me lot about you and your activities against AIDS, it’s pleasure for me to know more about you and your program. i look forward to hearing from you.



Dear John, 

I have received your card and I must say I was surprised at first.

We (my wife and me) got home from work when she found the card on the porch, because

we have no mailbox. She stood there staring at it for a while before she showed it to me, thinking

that it must be a mistake. She knows about you, but she had no idea what you looked like.

 Anyway, I must say that I’m very happy with the card you sent me. It shows that yoy haven’t

forgotten about me and I surely haven’t forgotten you.

I am happy to hear that you keep on encouraging and educating the youth.

 I will email you again, but for now I will have to sign off.

I am about to leave work to take my wife Anoeska from work.

I will mail you again on Monday.

Bye, mail back



Dr. John

As i had  told you that we have a youths program i would also like to request you if you have any materials to support our project. At the moment we were waiting for some materials from community based organization for the same but so far there is very little from them. I would also like to get your advice on the issue i told you about my private live. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank You

Yours Benson



1044897_10200677698399458_1679996773_nHi Dr. Chittick,

I am the one that took the photo in the attachment, almost ten years ago, in Istanbul. We were having a picnic with friends and you just dropped by and gave us some useful advice.
I am studying in Australia now, when I miss my home, Istanbul I look  at the pictures, while I am doing this I found your photo attached with business card and just wanted to say hello!
It was nice to meet you Dr. Chittick you are doing a good job 🙂
Take care, see you one day maybe….




KENYA (20 year old PeerCorps male born with HIV):

“Hi Dr. John,  I was so very happy to receive your lovely card.  Moreover for remembering me.  It has been a long time since you left Nairobi.  Well, it’s my hope that you’re well.  So am I.  I’m still studying.  I’ll be graduating next year part one. John, the lovely work you do not all can be able to tolerate… I believe teens can make a difference in the society we live in.  Unfortunately they realized when it’s too late.  I still have the photos, when we were going round the city, educating and training the youth.  I’ve also kept the recommendation letters you send for me.  I wish you all the best in your undertakings, hope one day their will be a  solution.  Once again thank you for remembering me.  Keep in touch!!  Yours faithfully, Denis”


NEPAL (16 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Namaste, and sweet remember Dr. John, Hi! I am Namita Maharjan, your Nepali well wisher from Kirtipur, Katmandu, Nepal. I wish you all right. I am very well with my family. I am very very sorry that I am writing mail to you after a long time. I remember you very much. I am grateful to you that you also remember me after long time. I got your second letter on May 22, 2005. Now I finished my exam and free whole days. So I am thinking that why not mail you and join your social work? Dr. John, I want to appreciate your social work, which you want to operate in Nepal. So please write me detail about your project. I am very interested to involve.”


USA (20 year old female, former PeerCorps in Vietnam):

“Dr. John, I am always a great admirer of yours. I am proud of what you have done and are doing to better our world.  My dream of exposing myself to the world and helping people has been nurtured in me since the first time I met you.  I wish that my dream could come true one day.  Wishing you a wonderful week. Take care, Dr. John,  Lan Anh”


SOUTH KOREA (16 year old male – found us on internet):

“I personally have received an AIDS education but to be honest it wasn’t much help. The current AIDS education for teenagers in Korea is just watching some old-fashioned video about 7-8 years old and that’s just it. And actually half the students sleep through the 1-hour video that is probably the only AIDS education provided in their lives. It is time for something to be done, and I think that your TeenAIDS program will greatly be a help to our Korean teenagers learn more about AIDS and help them save their selves and their friends from it. I send this mail to ask for your help.” -Kim, Jaehee from KMLA-  p.s. I am currently working with the “Korea Federation for AIDS Preventation”  If PeerCorps program could be introduced in South Korea it would be a big help.”


BELARUS (20 year old male, PeerCorps translator):

“Hello John!  thank you for calling and sending the e-mail. It was really pleasure for me to work with you.  I think the work you do is very important. And I thank God for the people like you who can be a light for others and who can be a very good example for other people. I wish I had so much passion and love for people lik you do. I hope you have a great time traveling around the world talking to teens and thank you!”


GHANA (18 year old male):

“Dear Dr. John Chittick,  I write to inform you that I have received the postcards you sent me all the way from South America and Ukraine. It wish to thank you very much for that though it’s been a long time I heard from you.  Sir, I would like to be part of your team and so would like to know what I can do from here to give a helping hand. I would be very grateful if you make it here since you travel alot and see how best a branch of Teenaids can be formed or if you can give me some guidelines as to how I can go about the process. Thank you and I look forward to a favourable response.  Jahma Mohammed”


SURINAME (23 year old married PeerCorps):

“Hi john how are u. Im fine and my family also. I wanna wish u a verry happy birhtday, i am late buth not vergotten. i had a verry bussy week so i couldn,t sent u a mail.  how is your work going. i must say that i enyoyed going around with u doing this great work.  my parents told me to tell u hello and whenever u are in surinam u are always welkom.  further i must say keep going with this work and send me some informations too so i will wait for your message.  bye and till than, Fediz”


UKRAINE (19 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Hello John. How are you? Somethink was wrong my e-mail, and thats why I couldn’t sent a letter. So  how is your travelling, and where are you now? I want to thank you, that you visited our university, and that i had a chance to speak with you about the biggest problem of 20 century – AIDS. I’am fine, I’am still working with teens (12-14 years old)- they are great! I wont to make an action in Vinnitsa- “No AIDS in our life”. Do you remember, you told me, about your  spoken  with young people in Peterburg on the streets about AIDS? So I desided to do somethink like that. Misha will help me. With best regards Olga.”


NIGERIA (21 year old male medical student):

“sir,  good day. i am a graduate from Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, Weat Africa. Sir you were in my school in year 2003 for the World AIDS Day & you went from room to room educating students on the HIV/AIDS pandemic & scourge.I was one of the people you gave youir Complimentary card to. Now i am serving{( National Youth Service Corp(NYSC) } in Kaduna State of Nigerwhere at the orientation we hard a workshop that was intensive. And since then i and my other Peer Educators Trainers has been training students in secondary schools, higher intitutions & i am the president elected of the association. i read your mission statement &i was indeed encourage as you are  much concerned with the teenagers. infact they are the future of any nation in the nearest future

Adeyinka Peter Abayomi”


INDIA (21 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Dear John, I am glad to know that you still remember me,sorry to say i lost your details.  I received your card yesterday,Let me know How are you? May be by Grace of god you must be keeping PINK health. I will be in touch with you & you can reply me on these email ID. You are taking so much of pain for society.May god give you all the Success.  Do reply me  Bye  Regards  Sajid Kazi.(INDIA)”


INDONESIA (24 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Dear John,  Many and thousands thanks to your wonderful postcards that sent to me from time to time. I really enjoy them all and just think of your hard but happy work seen on every pictures.  The last one I got is your postcard in Suriname. Great!!!!  I’m in Denpasar, Bali, now. Remember my friend in Bali, Putu, I work with her now. We have some workshops for Bali’s NGOs about HIV/AIDS counselling. I’ve spent a month here to assist the NGOs. Thanks for still remembering me also! Hope you find hundreds of other people who help you and support happily whatever you do.  Please keep in touch. And keep up with the good work.  Love, Kustin”


USA (20 year old female, PeerCorps):

“HI Dr. John,  I wish you safe and good travels to your next few destinations of the Caribbean and South America.  My father has always said that you are a gift, because not everyone can do what you are doing to be able to sacrifice and dedicate your life to such a great passion.  I continue to commend you on you invaluable service to the world.  Please if there’s anything that I or Quang can do to help you do not hesitate to let us know.  It would be our pleasure to help you in any way.  I hope to see you when you return.   Tuyen”


KENYA (18 year old male):

“Dr.john, first i would like to thank you, am glad you replied. My full names are Samuel Maina Njoroge born on 9th march 1986, i live in Naivasha with my family,am a holder of an O’level certificate and an average student preparing to study IT in college.  I came across this adress card, i mean, just found it in the streets of Naivasha,took it, read it and got interested. I visited your website. I was touched by the fact that you have dedicated your time, energy and your whole being to helping the teens. I decided you needed a helper, aperson who is determined as you are, aperson whose help comes from deep within his heart, thats why i decided to inform you of my interest. We have no    FUTURE    if the teens are to be washed by AIDS.”


UKRAINE (16 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Hi dear John!  How are you? We miss you very much!  How your impressions of being in Ukraine? We hope that you liked it?  Our life is the same. I – study. My mother – work.  She say “HI!!!!!!!!” to you. We miss you very much!!!  We try to help you. We try to do the same work, that you do. I speak about HIV & AIDS to every young people, who may be doesn’t know about this. My mother will be deliver a lecture in Music College about this problem.  WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH!  I EXPECT THAT I’LL SEE YOU SOME DAY!  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


VIETNAM (25 years old male, PeerCorps):

“Dear John,  How are you now? Are you still in Africa?  I received your card with the picture which you in Africa. It’s good to hear from you and I’m appriciated that you still devote in AIDS work. Remember the first time I met you in Saigon, at that time, I am very young and shy to participate in your speech on AIDS at the park. Now, I worked for The Vietnam HIv/AIDS/STI Community Clinic Network project. I worked mainly in 3 Mekong provinces (Can Tho, Kien Giang and An Giang) and HCMC.  You help everyone!  And me!  Best regards, Pham Truong Son”


ROMANIA (19 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Hello dr JOHN!  Thanks for the  postcard.i am surprised that you have  remembered  those days  you have spent  in  Romania stop aids. In last time i couldnt contact Mircea,Carmen,Claudiu and the other pal,because ive got a problem with my password. it is  a long  time  since i havent  heard  about you  and your quest all over the globe .i am  a student now  in  Timisoara ,learning  russian  and english at  west  university. 2nd year. my brother is working  into a  hiv  center  in ARAD  as a psycologist and i told him  about your work. My  best  regards!  teo”


BANGLADESH (22 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Hi, energetic man .i recived u r card. thanks 4 this .i am intersted about ur working life  and want to know  about ur working activities. please send ur present curriculum . Are u interested to come again in Bangladesh. If u r  interested. Please come. Your activities is badly needed to our country. You know our countries educational system don’t support the medical information. So u think it. Now   three of we are completed our BSS(hons) and enough time to start in MSS class.If u want  to come please inform us. Iam interested  to work about HIV in our country.So give some information about this.  Thanks. Bye.  Mahfuzul islam”


AUSTRIA (16 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Hi John!  I’ll write you because I would ask you if you have appetite to visit my school in Murau. I visit BORG Murau.  Before I’ ll go in the Hauptschule Scheifling when you told us about Aids.  My new name is Christine Schiefer and my old name was Christine Gradischnig  I hope you answer my E-Mail and I hope that you have time to visit the BORG Murau.  Yours faithfully  Christine Schiefer”


SOUTH AFRICA (19 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Dear Dr. John  Thank you for the postcard you sent to me. It was a nice surprise to hear from you, and from TeenAids after quite a long time. You may still be in touch with Barry Hamilton and Pierre Andipatin for instance. I still do see them from time to time, although Barry spends a lot of time abroad working, and Pierre is deeply involved with the UN and the youth missions and parliaments. I am now working in Durban, but would perhaps like to get involved again in whatever time I have!  I went on to the website over the Easter weekend, and its great to see how far-reaching your mission is STILL. I’m sure you keep an eye on the South African & African issues around AIDS, and we are now more vulnerable than we were 10 years ago. Despite all the education & awareness, there are still so many complex social, economic and even political (anti – retrovirals, resources etc) matters that effectively increase the spread of the epidemic. Good luck on your many travels, kindly keep in touch and God bless  Lynette Ntuli Durban  South Africa”


USA (16 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Dr. john hi this is shawn mancuso i just got done talking to u and i find some new ides about my club and i throght if i make some thing good and have a day that kids can were hats and stuff. to get u up to talk to my school and make good speeh on aids and help me out with my club and make kids relize u can get aids if u don’t be safe and not have sex… my school is saint mary area high school. will i realy can’t wanted to hear from you.”


BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA (23 year old male, PeerCorps):

“HI DR. JOHN  I am writing you from Bosnia. Of course i did not forget you. Sometimes I think about You and your work. You must be very good men, if you want to help people, if you spend all of your life to teach people esspecially teenagers about HIV prevention. Thanks for your remembering me. I finished College before 4 years. I am now on 2.year, and i am studying turkish. Sorry for many mistakes i have made. I dont use english, and because of that i forgot it.I hope You will understand. Adnan Bjelic”


KENYA (24 year old HIV+ female):

“Hi Dr John!  MY name is Viola Chepngeno Kurgat and I come from Kenya.  For some few months now I have been thinking of writing to you since I have your work card and it has yr adress.  We meet when you had come to Kenya some few years back. We met at Nyumbani childrens Home for Hiv poisitive Children. Am 24yrs of age and Hiv positive.  I have been living positively for the last three years and I though we could talk together or communicate over the internets.  I really look forward to sharing much with you coz am a youth living positively and I wish to help more worldwide to live positively.  I do not know if you will be willing to share with me.  PLease let me know then we can share more.  All the best.”


SURINAME/USA (22 year old American Peace Corps):

“Hello Dr. Chittick,  My name is Saman Kashani and I’m a peace corps volunteer in Suriname based out of the capital of Paramaribo.  I heard your interview on 88.1 Magic FM today but unfortunately I missed most of it. I would like to learn more about your work and whether I could be of any assistance.  Does your organization have an office in Paramaribo?  I’ve already looked through your website but I was unable to find anything on Suriname. Here’s a little bit about me.  I’ve been here in suriname for close to 10 months now and I plan on staying for another year and half.  Currently, I’m working at a clinic which is responisble for close to 3000 underserved patients.  I’ve graduated UCLA with a major in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics. Thanks for your time, Saman Kashani Peace Corps”


MOROCCO (20 year old male, PeerCorps):

“hi my friend jhon this is me mutafa Goubial from morocco .  howe are you? i was very happy to receive your too cards . i feniched my studys last year and now i work with my dad , i rememebre you and our trap to Fes ? do you remember it? We talked the aids with many youth. i send you this message to tell you if you want too ask me for anything you write me in this e-mail. i would like to ask you if you want to vesite morroco in the future?  think’s for the too cards and good lake in your work, i hope you’l aim your goals.”


UKRAINE (18 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Hello, John. Writes You Dyma from the Cherkassy city, You were here in the center of access in the Internet, where we met You. To me Your manner very pleased to socialize with people, and I similarly am very flustered by the problem of AIDS in our town. I want to learn more about it  Please write me about it.  Dima”

CAMBODIA (24 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Dr. John, thanks you for your mail. Sorn Soth very happy that hear you will send postcards of your travels by post airmail. Was with Chhavelith,Son Soth and all our volunteers and they are very happy with your Hello. If you want to visit us and  speak in Cambodia please tell me first , if you tell first  it very easy request to manager for vacation, because I want to help you, if I help you a lot  it make me have experience. Do you know Son Soth right now his body look like you. He is big man and when I see him I alway miss to you. My son now is 1year and 11months and he is very smart, his full name name is Nareach Chivorn, and his next name is John. You can post card to us by my address. Please send me all your best. I miss you so much.  Lovely Nareach!”     [** Sorn Soth is HIV-positive and is still a PeerCorps volunteer]


SWEDEN/BRAZIL (23 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Hi Dr. John!!!  I was extremely happy to get your postcard! It was a great surprise and it really made my day! As I could see, you’re still doing your wonderful job in America! That’s great! Well, my life changed a lot since last time we talked… I’m now married to a swedish guy named Martin, living in Stockholm – Sweden for 3 years, with a 2 month-old daughter called Emily! Big changes!!!  I’m extremely happy here, but I miss my family a lot. They quite often talk about you!  My parents came here right after Emy was born. My mum then brought your postcard with her, which was a great surprise!   Anyway, if you’re coming to northern Europe, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll be more than happy to help you in anyway I can! Keep up with the great work and being the wonderful person you are! With love, Camila”


KENYA (20 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Hello dr JOHN! How are you Dr. Chitick? This is Motsi Mburu from Kenya. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude  to you for sending me a post card. However, much gratitudes for your endeavors to inform teens on the AIDS scourge.  In the last few years I have helped in translating a manual from English to Swahili on the AIDS scourge. The input of the manual has been appreciated because it is neglecting on the issue of AIDS from different perspectives. I have also been involved with youths – 16 years and above where I integrate education and life skills, emphasizing on a number of issues including AIDS. These youths are rural based, where AIDS remains a ‘bedroom affair’ thus holding many a teen to ransom. Nevertheless, the information has to be imparted for the sake of our future generations. Thanks a lot for keeping in touch and buring the candle amidst the strong wind.”


INDIA (26 year old male):

“hello Dr, my first name is ABDUL, i am 26 years old. when you visited cheeta camp at that time you were explaining people about aids & i too was in that crowd, that time the person with you was unable to explain what you was saying in english.I started explaining your statement in hindi after we had finished all,then you asked me to join you.I told that “i will think on it” then you had taken my address. i was busy with my works so i am late to reply you. have a good time Dr, bye.  Shaikh Suban”


USA (13 year old female):

“I’v always wanted to make a difference. Even when I was a little girl I wanted to change the world. This program [PeerCorps] gives me that chance. Also,when I was 10 I lost my dad to Aids. That’s a really sad and hard thing to go through. I know that if he had used protection he could be here with me today. I want to help people not to go through the same thing I did. One thing that I believe in is that teenagers can make a difference one kid at a time. By standing up and defending what you believe in you can change the mind of a friend and they do the same and change the mind of one of their friends and so on and so forth until you’ve got a whole group of kids fighting for the same issue and people cant help but stop and listen to what you have to say. So you see by saying one little sentence you can help save the world.Amanda”


NIGERIA (21 years old male, PeerCorps):

“hi Doctor Chittick,  Thanks for finding time to reply my mail. I was so delighted. Yeah, I am indeed rethinking my career and I need all the assistance and encouragement so I wont make any irreversible mistake. Your coming to Nigeria has helped me get more focussed. I really do not feel like an engineer anymore, hence my decision to rethink my career. I feel more like a doctor with lots of vision to help my friends and friends avoid this deadly disease. In actual fact I have been in the interior part of Nigeria serving my country, lots of mosquitoes, no internet, no telephone signal but I am happy that in the past 10 months i have been able to help al ots of youths to help safe the lives of their friends.  We target majorly secondary schools. In every secondary schools within my coverage areas, we trained 40 peer educators who themselves are further equipped to talk with their mates on HIV/AIDS prevention. It work Dr John. Your coming down here is almost changing my vision. Looking forward to hearing from you.”


UKRAINE (13 year old male, PeerCorps translator):

”Thank you for your letter. I came home from the Black Sea from Odessa where I had a rest with my Mum. We were in Odessa at my aunt”s house. We told  my aunt and uncle about you and your work against HIV. We watched the movie about your mission and we gave that film for my relatives. We always give your cards to different people. My mother and her friends want to organize John B. Chittick Profilactic Medical Centre. I will go to school after the next week. I will see my friends and speak with them about AIDS and your work. I tell many people about you and your mission and they say what a nice man Dr. John and what a good work do.  Send the best greetings to your Mum and Jazz! Feodor”


BRAZIL (23 year old male, PeerCorps):

“How are you?  We remember you at Le Meridien and the beatiful work AIDS you did with Rio children.  Andre is working for the same sattelite tv station since he left the hotel. I am at the office and looking forward to graduate from university next year. Take care of yourself. Your work is needed around the world. If you come to this side of the globe make sure you call me. I want to help.  Yours, Alan

obs. this message was also sent to Andre´s e-mail adress.”


KENYA (22 year old male, PeerCorps, HIV-positive):

“DEAR JOHN   I am very grateful to get a card from u I know 4 sure u care 4 me.I dedicated my life to study and to read and i am most of the time in the library.I also take time to pray because i know theres hope in GOD .Keep remembering me .I look forward to see you when u come to East Africa.U have been an encouragement to me.All ,is fine in Kenya.  Boniface”


USA (20 year old female, PeerCorps):

“Hi Dr. John!!!  I received your Christmas card and your post card; it was great to hear from you! (thanks for staying in touch!) How is everything going? Where in the world are you now? As for me, I am a now a junior in college, and slowly trying to figure out my plans after graduation next year. But, right now, I focusing on plans for the summer.   I want to let you know that I am very interested in working with/for you again. The more I learn about life and the world and the millions of people that are out there suffering, the more anxious I get to finish school to be able to get out there and start making a difference. Please let me know if there are any opportunities for me to volunteer. I look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance to write. In the mean time, thank you for doing what you do. God Bless~ Loves, Oly~”


UGANDA (24 year old male, PeerCorps):

“Dear Teacher, Thanx for my email i really love hearing from you always.. Well Doctor am here doing my job of helping the Teens about the knowledge you gave me…And i promise that i will never stop. I have started a group of HIV/AIDS fightor… UGANDA AIDS TeenPEER CORPS (UATPC).  And i have began to sensitize the youth and women about the dangers of the disease i move around educating them how to abstain and the use of Condom. Well we are here seriously sensitizing the Youth and we have managed to talk to about 100 youth……am happy to see them welcoming my ideas..hope they will keep them in there hearts….please any new teachings send them to me Doctor. Am teaching 2 boy now…Tom and Julis. Well Teacher that is what i have done for now. Yr Buddy Derrick”


SOMALI (19 year old male):

“Dear Dr.Chittick, Greating from Mogadishu. After haven get your information from Pierre Andipatin of Children and Armed Conflict organization,TeenAIDS-PeerCorps, I really appreciated your effort to put this organization and also the HIV prevention to the world especially youths. As we are involved the HIV prevention program, I would like to mentioned here, that we need to have more information about the HIV and also some training program as to cover our needs. For your consideration on this matter will be highly appreciated. We are ready to send to you more information about what we have done to the HIV prevention. Regards, Osman m.moallim”


UGANDA (18 year old student)

“Hullo  Dr.  John,  Where are you now Dr. John?.  It was really nice having you here in Uganda in fact it was a great privilege   Let me hope that you will come again.  Dr.  John I really appreciate the work you are carrying out, I don’t have gold or diamonds to reward you but God will reward you.  You left you country where there are riches to come to a country like Uganda poor as it is but managing with.  Its lifestyle, reaching the poor, reaching the rural areas to make people aware about this killer disease AIDS, making friends of all fonts.  Thanks a lot Dr.  John.  We have not abandoned your work here in Uganda, we are also busy carrying it on.  We miss you a lot and it will be difficult to get some one as social, kind, loving, caring as you.  I thank you very much for all the parental love you showed us and the advice you gave us.  It was really fun being with you and when will we ever see you again. THANKS ALOT FOR HAVING PUT UGANDA AMONG THE PRIORITY COUNTRIES OF YOUR TRAVEL’ Bwire joseph”


USA (14 year old female)

“Dear Dr. Chittick,  Hi my name is Adda, and I am a 14 year old girl living in Santa Barbara, California. I read your story in Seventeen, then visited your website and was amazed about everything you have done to prevent the spread of the AIDS epidemic among youth, and basically was wondering if there is any way I could get involved. I am starting high school this september and know that no such AIDS prevention program that exists at the high school level, or that students can get involved in. Best wishes on your journey and if there is anything else I could do to help please let me know. You are trully saving lives, I just hope you know that, thank you. Sincerely, Adda” (Santa Barbara, California)


CUBA (21 year old university student)

“Dear John,  I am sure you remember the day when you have been to the University of Havana. You talked to everybody about the most helpful methods to fight against AIDS, the illness that takes away a part of my live every day.  I was one of these people who was listening to you talking about this illness. The love and truth that is speaking out of every word makes me feel that you are still believing in salvation.  I am a studying law (3rd year) and I am writing you to ask you for more information about AIDS and to say thank you for your friendship   Take care of you and go on helping to save lives  Yours hopefully, Oneysy M. Camero” (Havana, Cuba)


CAMBODIA (17 year old PeerCorps teen)

“Hi Dr. John   How awesome to hear from you. We miss you. We appreciate for your hard work to save people around the world. Where are you now? still in Africa? The volunteers miss you. They imitate your great example. please see the attached file so that you see volunteers works in Cambodia.  We love you and pray for you.  Take care and keep in touch.  Any adivice for us. Chavelith” (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)


BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (22 year old radio DJ)

“Hi, Doc,I know that U hardly know about RS, but I will remind U. That is part of Bosnia & Herzegowina with serbian population. Just want 2 send greetings from Banja Luka, I’m long hair guy  you met in Portorose, Slovenia. Tol, skiny, long hair, with one word, U’r twin brother (U sad that where we had picturing together)

“I want 2 say that U’r work is realy OK and U have a big support from me. I’m sorry, but I cant help with money exept if I do some hack tricks on net… 🙂  All the best, Zeljko Antonic

P.S. Sorry if I write like Indian (Siux),…. :)”  (Banja Luka)


PHILIPPINES (16 year old translator for Dr. John)

“Dear Dr. John,  Thank you very much for the postcard and for remembering us.  I am very fine and presently teaching at National Teachers College, High School Department, the school wherein you talked about AIDS two years ago.  As fruit to the effort that you have shown us, the school is regularly giving information about HIV and AIDS.  Thanks for the big help.  May you be blessed by God for the service you always render other people.  i am eagerly anticipating your return bye!!! good luck to your global walk…..

“Very truly yours,  Enver Campo” (Manila, Philippines)


USA (20 year old student)

“Hello Dr. John,  I wanted to write to you and see how things were going.  I hope your walk is being accomplish safely and most of all that your safe and healthy.  Life at Bentley is going well, we start track on December 2nd and I can’t wait.  Academically I’m doing well so far and I hope it stays that way.  Guess what?  This saturday November 11th, will be my 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend Anna.  Can you believe it?  Well, I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your walk. Take care, Harold Mateo

P.s.  Me and Danny talk about you all the time.”  (Boston, Massachusetts)


KENYA (15 year old female student)

 “Hello, I am a girl from Hillcrest Secondary School in Nairobi, Kenya where you spoke today. I would firstly like to say thank you, you were not only an inspiration, but I really admire that you are giving up two years of your life going around the world talking to people. Your approach to the topic was wonderful, never before have I heard anyone talk on the subject as effectively. It must have been especially hard as you were speaking to a young audience.

“I, too, am planning to go to the USA for university (Stanford) and thereafter pursue a career in helping others -some sort of charity or otherwise – I’m not sure exactly what though!

“Seeing as I have some holidays coming soon, I was wondering if you could give me the addresses or contact details of some co-workers in Kenya so I could started straight away. I have worked with charity organizations in Nairobi before as a volunteer, but sadly, I’m often put of by how commercial and business-like the atmosphere in Nairobi is. I found that often, out of a donated $10, only $2 or $3 would reach the people it is intended to reach! So I have resorted to offer only voluntary services over the weekends! So, if it isn’t too much to ask, could you please tell me how I could contact Dr. Lyn who you met in Durban (I “think” it was called the “United States AIDS awareness org.), who was with you during your talk. Thank you very much,  Nivedita Mukherjee,”  (Nairobi, Kenya)


BRAZIL (16 year old helper)

“Dear Dr. John,  How are you? Here everything is fine. It’s been only few hours you’ve gone but we’ve already missed you!!!  You means a lot to me ’cause with you I could learn how to help people and how to look at life from another point of view. Your work really impressed me and inspired me to help people as a voluntary.

“I hope you can meet lots of people and give them support just like you were doing here in Brazil and also meet voluntary people and change their lives just like you did to mine! I’m very grateful for this! Thank you VERY MUCH for being part of my life! I’m very proud of you, proud to know somebody like you, with your big heart!

“Please, e-mail me when you could. Tell me about other places you are visiting.  Thank you again!!! You are very special to me!  From your friend

CAMILA BRAZ  (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)


USA (mother of 17 year old HIV-positive teen)

“Dear Dr Chittick,  Thank you so much for your letter to Alison. I have looked at your site and you are doing wonderful work.  I’m sorry to tell you that Alison passed away last week after her long battle. However, I do have an enormous amount of her writings, etc, if they would be of any use to you.

Yours,  Angela Leopold” (California)


ROMANIA (17 year old helper)

“hi,dr.john, thanks for the photos that you sent me,with all the group.i heard that you have been in mother Russia a long time ago.i m sorry that until now i haven t wrote you,but i m sure that you will forgive me for this behaviour. i must thank you for that treaement that you gave us during the summer and be sure that we are doing our job,telling that stuff.  i miss your presence and your advices. Teo Barlea”  (Arad, Romania)

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We are an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization distributing information about AIDS to teens locally, nationally, and internationally.