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Please enjoy our pictures about the work of TeenAIDS-PeerCorps, our tens of thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and abroad, and Dr. John’s Global AIDS Walks to 86 countries.  Many of these photos were taken by youth with cell phones and cameras. Dr. John took others.
You can view these pictures by watching the automatic slide show or you can scroll down the page that has each caption directly above the picture. If you choose to stop a slide, place your mouse over the image and click and the caption will appear.
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1. John with PeerCorps youth in India

2. Virginian PeerCorps prepare to handout info cards


3. Hop Off postcard

4. Traveling by dugout in the Congo (Dartmouth student Jimmy Kircher)


5. PeerCorps outreach at Erie, PA beachfront


6. Dr. John inspects war-torn Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina

7. Dartmouth student Samantha Monkman talks to students at University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


8. Speaking to Haitian youth living in tent city after earthquake 

9. Meeting with university students in Opole, Poland


10. University women in Kathmandu


11. Pennsylvania PeerCorps teens


12. Joking with Surinamese students


13. Speaking to Chinese university students in dorm room


14. With PeerCorps youth in Romania


15. Dr. John introduces Ben from Vermont who is speaking about his HIV status
16. In Bangladeshi village


17. In field outside Krakow, Poland


18. AIDS Attack in old city center Warsaw, Poland



19. Talking with street youth in Saigon, Vietnam



 20. Jeanne White (mother of Ryan White) comforts Ben after he talks about living with AIDS at Boston teach-in for PeerCorps


21. Celebrating Dr. John’s B-Day in Fitchburg, 2004 (left to right: Jared, Jimmy, Tori and Johanne)


22. Webathon flyer


23. Dr. John is saddened by child prostitution in Mumbai, India

 24. Hop Off poster front door

25. PeerCorps youths in Boston for World AIDS Day listen to HIV teen
 26. Talking to Bedouin tribal women in Jordan with our Arabic language information cards
27. Three Nepalese PeerCorps girls (from left: Namita,Pratima and Sabita)


28. PeerCorps Katya helps in Ukraine


29. Explaining PeerCorps model to Korean AIDS prevention Agency


30. Talking on street in India


31. Dr. John speaks with youth in Belgrade, Serbia 


32. Dr. John introduced as the “Hawaiian AIDS Santa Claus on Korea’s national TV EBS  

33. School audience listens to TeenAIDS message in Nigeri


34. PeerCorps Teens in Amman, Jordan


35. Our World AIDS Day webcast from Harvard University

36. Young high school students near beaches.

37. Filming Kurean PeerCorps teens talking to youths

38. The tourist picture at the Pyramids

39. Erik Weikert and Peter Keto editing Africa footage in Massachusetts office 
40. Talking with teen boys’ panel at Harvard webcast

41. Talking with teen boys in Guyana

42. TA-PC logo for PSA tag
43. In Indian countryside

44. PeerCorps teen talking to villagers in the Congo D.R.
45. Talking with Costa Rican university students

46. Postcard for Massachusetts “Stop Youth AIDS Day” 

47. PeerCorps teens in Katsch, Austria (from left Michael, Robin and Martin)

48. TA-PC button ($3.50)
49. Virginia teens gather to hear training before filming of “Beach Party PSA for TV (see YouTube)

50. Dr. John announces Global AIDS Walk in October 1998 in Boston
51. Hop Off event in Massachusetts with PeerCorps youth at YMCA

52. TA-PC interns with U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia on Capitol steps (from left: Daniel, Steven, Sen. Warner, Fatima, Kelly, Zack, Nathan, Emma, Mary and Candice)

53. Comforting dying AIDS patient in Cambodian hospital with PeerCorps volunteer Nareach

54. Olympic Gold Medalist LaShawn Merritt signs autograph at our World AIDS Day “Hop Off” in Norfolk

55. Donor tickets for Adults
56. Proof of April 7th Virginia Beach tee-shirt (still some left $10)
57. Boston announcement of Global AIDS Walk
58. Sharing a laugh onstage with Olympian Track star LaShawn Merritt
59. Allysa Gizinski and Amy Noonkester at Hop Off in Virginia
60. TA-PC wall magnet mock up ($2.50) 
61. Night time AIDS Attack in Vienna 
62. Speaking to young teens in rural Ghana

63. Samantha on right listening as PeerCorps volunteer explains AIDS facts to Haitian school kids

 64. Hop Off Electronic  Billboard


65. South African PeerCorps volunteer Lloyd talks with school kids


66. AIDS Attack in Vienna, Austria


  67. Speaking to Uruguayan boys


68. TV coverage of “live” testing on Washington, D.C. street corner — female tested negative  🙂


69. Doing outreach in countryside, southern China


70. Demonstrating how a condom is used properly to prevent breaking and exposure to HIV and STIs


71. Candice Crawford 18, first female publicly tested in U.S. She said, “All teens should get tested


72. Peter Keto, TA-PC worker since 2005 and Dr. John share a laugh

73. Setting world record for most teens tested for HIV “live” in Massachusetts
74. Walking in hilltop community in Nepal
75. Dr. John’s favorite companion “Jazz” while in rural North Carolina doing AIDS Attacks

76. Teaching Surinamese youth about HIV/AIDS 

 77.  With Dominican Republic teen leaders


 78. Matt Hawkins and James Trieu interviewed on radio about world record setting event in Massachusetts


79. AIDS Outreach in Kwa-Natal, South Africa 
 80. Public testing in Newport News, Virginia (Emma Binder and Stephanie Sapp instruct “Zach”)


81. With PeerCorps teens outside Kathmandu, Nepal


82. In countryside of Kenya where there is little AIDS information


 83. Ukrainian girls in Cherkassy like message

84. Bryce, 16, one of the first public testees in U.S., Norfolk, Virginia 
85. Peers educating classmates in Pune, India

 86. ROTC youth learning how to talk with friends about HIV risk



87. Putting on “Stop Action Theater” at our Sports Day

88. Shooting our “Prom Party” PSA (see our YouTube)


89. Showing off muscles in Saigon gym with PeerCorps volunteers

90. Walking through Manila barrio

91. Maryna Kariuk, Dr. John and Samantha Monkman before we leave for Haiti on outreach

92.  Speaking to high school students in Santo Domingo

93. Doing an AIDS Attack in rural Cambodia

94. Massachusetts students do “Stop Action Theater” 


95. Original PeerCorps group, 1997-98 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts (left to right: Harold Mateo, Danny Ortiz, Tara Caveney-Caskins, Dave Maxim, Erin Buckley and Liz Gary)


 96. Speaking with university women in Pune, India 

97. New York City students in Queens train to be PeerCorps

98. PeerCorps volunteer Lan Anh was featured in Seventeen Magazine article about Dr. John’s work in Vietnam



99. Outreach in rural China


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